An Experienced leader

After serving as Del Rio city mayor, Val Verde County judge, and chairperson for the Texas Border Coalition, Efrain knows how to professionally and effectively  maneuver public office.

As Del Rio mayor, I...

Defended Laughlin Air Force Base from encroachment, protecting our community’s biggest employer and one of the Air Force’s most productive pilot training bases. The City and I won against a private developer in district, appellate, and state supreme court.


Improved Del Rio’s Main Street infrastructure by replacing existing pavement and old utilities with new utility lines for water, wastewater and gas, and constructed ADA ramps for sidewalks.

Constructed new police department station, providing four times more operating space for our dedicated officers and administration employees. The facility’s new location and building improved our officers' efficiency and response times.


Built new terminal for Del Rio International Airport, enhancing our visitors’ first impressions and providing a more enjoyable experience for travelers. The airport won Texas Department of Transportation Aviation Division’s most improved airport award in 2008.


As Texas Border Coalition chairman, I...

Lobbied for the implementation of pass cards, allowing Americans to travel easily and affordably to Mexico and Canada. 


As Val Verde County Judge, I...

Secured an $8.3 million grant from the Texas Military Preparedness Commission to improve Laughlin AFB’s entrance, build a new defense control center, construct sunshades for T-6 fleet, add drainage for runways, and construct relief routes for fuel tanks. Base improvements helped ensure Laughlin’s future in Del Rio.


Resurfaced Loop 79, a well-used county highway for commuters, truckers, and travelers. The highway is now smoother and more durable for motorists.


Expanded and remodeled Val Verde County Library, doubling the facility’s size and incorporating state-of-the-art technology. This project enriched our residents’ quality of life and encouraged literacy in our community.

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